101 To Glasses: Quick Guidelines To Pick The Right Eyeglasses

myopticalonline : 101 To Glasses: Quick Guidelines To Pick The Right Eyeglasses

101 To Glasses: Quick Guidelines To Pick The Right Eyeglasses

Sunglasses, eyeglasses, or specs are today’s staple fashion accessories. Men and women love to keep a collection of these like their any other accessories such as belts, purses, and watches. But, very few amongst us are aware of the different types of lenses, thus making the right choice for themselves.

So, today we have tried to gather some essential tips about men and women eyeglasses frames to help you with some of the best choices. Here is a list of lighter, thinner and are more scratch-resistant:

  • Polycarbonate – For all kinds of sports activities impact-resistant lenses are a good choice. Helps to avoid any accident that can damage your eyes or for kids who are tough on their specs. They come with built-in UV protection.
  • Trivex – These are light weighted thin and impact-resistant plastic that can also be used to correct the vision of some people.
  • High-index plastic – Nowadays you can replace your old-school super-thick lenses with lighter and thinner high-index plastic.
  • Aspheric – These have varying degrees of curvature. That means they can be thinner and flatter so you can use a much larger portion of the surface.
  • Photochromic – For absolute protection for UV rays then these can be your safest bet that is available in both glass and plastic.
  • Polarized – These sunglasses collection helps in reducing the glare from a surface. So these can good at times for sports that are played in the water.

Note: Your type of vision problem is the key factor to determine the shape of your lenses.

Now comes the types of coating for eyeglass lenses:

Mirror coatings – These types of coating are purely for looks and helps to hide your eyes from view. These are also available in different colors like blue, silver, and gold.
Anti-reflective – With this coating, you can seek help with glare, halos around light, reflections and assure a nicer appearance.
Scratch-resistant and ultraviolet protection – Nowadays almost all lenses have this as a built in properties.
Tinted lenses – Often light or dark hint of color assure better vision. Today, you can look for yellow tint, gray tint, or light tint coating on your lenses for the best result.

Last words: If you have bought eyeglass online to add to your collection or it’s your first one then follows these tips for the best care:

  • Store them in a clean and dry place away from any kind of damage.
  • Clean them with water and use only non-lint cloth for the spot-free surface.
  • Visit your local doctor to check your prescription. To look for the best glasses online for yourself.

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