Best Ways to Clean Your Designer Eyewear

myopticalonline: Best ways to clean your designer eyeware

Best Ways to Clean Your Designer Eyewear

Bacteria can grow on eyeglasses if they have not been cleaned for a while.

Well, if you wear eyeglasses, you probably know how irritating it can be to have dirt, fog, or grit stuck on them and how tough it can be to clean them properly. Quick eyeglass cleaning should be a part of your routine, the presence of germs on your nose and eyes can pose risk.

A designer eyeglass in Miami comes with a cleaner but is it enough?

Keep on reading to find out how you can properly clean your glasses hygienically.
You need the following material to clean your lenses.

  • Microfiber cloth: This is the safest method to clean your glasses without scratching them.
  • Cleaning solution: It is a spray made especially for eyeglasses you can also use lotion-free dish soap.

Eyeglasses frames for women in Miami usually come with a pair of lens cleaning solutions, but if you are not given one you can always ask.


You need to follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully.

  • First, wash your hands properly and pat them dry. It is important to do because this way you will not be transferring any sort of germs to your glasses.
  • Run warm water over your glasses to get rid of dust or some other things that might create scratch the lenses.
  • After getting rid of dust, now you can clean your lens with a microfiber cloth.
  • Now, you need to spray your lenses with the cleaning solution. If you are using dish soap you use only a single drop of it, properly rinse if using dish soap.
  • Dry your glasses by shaking to shed water droplets.

What Materials Can Hurt Your Glasses

There are lots of things that can mess up your eyeglasses let us find out;

Avoid These Materials

The fabric of the shirt you are wearing might be easy to use but they can do real damage to your eyeglass. Designer eyeglasses in Miami come with a microfiber cloth which seems to be the right way to go. Using paper towels and tissues can cause scratches on the surface of lenses.

Avoid Saliva!

Sometimes people can use saliva to lubricate the lens it is a reckless idea, when you do this you are covering your lens with germs. Your saliva can make your smudge worse.

In the Nutshell: I wish that these designer eyeglasses (in Miami) cleaning tips prove to be beneficial for you. If you want to buy affordable designer eyeglasses then visit My Optical Online official website. They have a collection of more than 40 styles, exciting deals, amazing offers, and featured products, you also get free shipping over a certain amount.

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