Choosing Lightweight and Comfortable Sunglasses for Summers

myopticalonline: Choosing Lightweight and Comfortable Sunglasses for Summers

Choosing Lightweight and Comfortable Sunglasses for Summers

The lighter your sunglasses are, the longer you can wear them while spending extra time at the beach, on the trail, or wandering the city without squinting against the sun. Lightweight sunglasses decrease wear ability issues like pinching, headaches,dents on nose or behind the ears along side offering a great-fitting. When looking for lightweight and comfortable shades, consider the lens and frame materials as well as the shapes and sizes of the frames you choose.

The bigger the frames, the heavier the sunglasses are which results in slipping of the sunglasses or discomfort. Runners, bikers, and athletes prefer minimal slippage, therefore, frames with extra-grippy materials are suitable for them. Such material on the arms or bridge of the frames keep the shades intact for added comfort. There is a huge number of options for fashion or driving sunglasses, however, materials that won’t bend or twist with exposure to high temperatures are perfect for comfort and durability.

Let’s go through the major 3 aspects to choose the best and comfortable sunglasses for the upcoming summers.

Frames: The first and most important aspect of choosing your sunglasses is to choose the frame material that best suits your activities. A typical option is a plastic or plastic blend, including acetate, propionate, and eco-friendly materials produced using castor oil. Nylon is a lightweight material that offers toughness and flexibility, so they are impact resistant and won’t break easily. Metal Frames are lightweight but are probably going to twist, so they are more suited for fashion or driving, instead of sports.

Lenses: Sunglasses lenses can be made using various materials, all with their own pros and cons. Polycarbonate, plastic, and glass are the most widely used. Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and are utilized for sports and in safety glasses. They are solid, lightweight, and UV-protective. High-quality glass lenses offer the best clarity and more scratch resistance than other lens types.However, they are heavier than polycarbonate lenses and may break if dropped while playing sports.

Hinges: The two most common types of sunglasses hingesare standard and spring/flex hinges.Generally, sporty shades will have flex hinges as the snug fit offered by spring hinges keeps shades in place, making them an ideal choice for athletes. With extra options to increase grip, lightweight sporty frames with spring hinges resist slipping even in wet or sweaty conditions.

Summing Up

Picking the most comfortable shades boils down to lightweight frame materials, lenses suited to your activity and a great fitting style that grips in all the right places. Protect your eyes by choosing impact-resistant materials, for example, polycarbonate lenses for sports and active lifestyles. Select the lens tint and lightweight frame that will offer the most comfort for your favorite activities. The outcome will be a comfortable Pair Of Sunglasses you can wear throughout the day.

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