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My Optical Online Eyewear Vision

Meet Andrea Baridon the lead designer behind our My Optical Online line. She was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay and at the age of 18 she moved to Miami to pursue her dream of being an artist. After graduating from Miami Ad School she became an award winning Art Director and won some of the most prestigious international awards in her field.  Her contemporary style and creativity were the key elements to combining art and design and transforming it into beautiful fashionable ophthalmic pieces.

Where did she get the inspiration for this project?

Nature and movement heavily influence her work and with this line she tried to capture the patterns and colors that we see around us in nature. It was achieved by using earthy tones and textures to create a beautiful gradient that makes you feel the peace and calm that we try to discover when we immerse ourselves in our environment.

How did she become part of this project?

For Andrea it all started when she came in for her yearly eye exam at Eyes on Brickell Optical Boutique. After meeting with Dr. Copty she became inspired and passionate about how she can transform her glasses into a piece of art. Thus My Optical Online was born! Andrea crafted the line of eyewear from high quality cellulose acetate or “Zyl”and used precious metals such as Titanium and Stainless Steel to give the product line strength and durability. Her passion for excellence can be seen through out all the pieces.

This project was born out her of passion creating functional ophthalmicart pieces and her inspiration came though her research in colors and style and felt the need to translate her inspiration into her eyewear. After a few months of design work through sketches and mood boards Ms. Baridon presented us with an initial product line of 30 pieces. Now we are proud to say our collection has grown to over 60 ophthalmic and sunglass pieces.

Get to know her more:

City in the world: Berlin

Favorite Food: Soups and Salads

Spirit animal? Penguins

What’s your music preference? Techno and House

My Optical Online can be purchased exclusively at Eyes on Brickell Optical Boutique or by visiting

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