Which Sunglasses Go Best With Your Face Type

myopticalonline: Which Sunglasses Go Best With Your Face Type

Which Sunglasses Go Best With Your Face Type

With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60 — Have you also came across a similar feeling with your brand tagged sunglasses on? We all love wearing sunglasses, isn’t it? In fact, 88 percent of females in America prefer wearing sunglasses to style and for eye protection. But, more than half of them don’t know exactly how to buy the best sunglasses for themselves.

Sunglasses have been used by humans for more than a century. And still, you find very few people who have the real knowledge of how to pick the right sunglasses for their face shape. Whether you have around, square, oval-shaped face and suggested by many to not go for sunglasses, can read this post till the end as there is still some hope. It will help you to choose the best one from Designer Eyewear Frames In Florida.   

Today, we have covered different face types (shapes) along with different types of sunglasses that suit them. But, before that, let’s learn how to measure your face. To do so you need to:

  • Measure the length between your cheekbone to cheekbone – For this place tape just below the eye to find the top of your cheekbone.
  • Measure Jaw Line – Put your tape at one end of the jawbone that just below your ear and measure the length till its end.
  • Measure face length – Put the tape from the centre of your hairline to the bottom of your chin and take its measurement too.

Now by analysing the above three measurements, you can easily find out which kind of face shape you have.

Best sunglasses for different shaped faces

Round face – For round faces, the curves are pretty noticeable whereas defined angels are less. So, for people with such faces must emphasise sharp angular lines rather than going for sunglasses with curved features. Especially women can be benefited from the Latest Spectacles Frames For Females that are high-on-the-temple, colourful frames as well.

Square – If you figure out your face is of square shape that means you have the same length and width across the face. And for you, it is suggested to go for round and oval-shaped sunglasses that will help to round out the sharpness of your face to maintain a balance.

Oval – People with oval face are not so worried about picking any type of sunglasses. This is because in the maximum number of cases any face just goes prefect on their faces. No matter which shape they pick from the market it will turn out to be awesome.

In nutshell: After reading this we know you must be in a hurry to find your face shape and the best sunglasses for it. And, once you done with that, you can visit the My Optical Online website for Online Optical In Miami.


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